• Louis Kressmann

      Born in Bordeaux from a family of négociants, Louis has grown in a wine environment since his first steps. The Kressmann family established a wine négociant in 1870 which soon became a leader in Bordeaux and abroad.

      Louis, with his successful Bachelor’s degrees in both Biology (University of Bordeaux) and business (Bordeaux Business School BEM), had the opportunity to do a one-year internship with an Importer of Wine in NYC (Baron Francois Ltd.) in 2000. Quickly falling in love with the city, Louis decided to pursue his career in NYC. Since then, he has worked for major wine importers, such as Marie Brizard (where he met his partner in this project), Baron Philippe de Rothschild and at Dreyfus Ashby & Co, where he holds the position of Regional Manager for the NY area.

      He has now been importing wines from all over the world for more than 10 years but Bordeaux still remains first in his heart.

    • Eric Dubourg

      After working several years in the fine wine retail industry in NYC, Eric learned about the import business while working for Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits USA and Boisset America during 5 years.

      In 2005, he founded Wineberry America, a New-York-based import company of fine wines, who sells wine to some of the most discerning distributors in more than 10 states including Florida, Illinois, & Connecticut, while acting as its own distributor in NY & NJ. While Wineberry America imports fine wines from practically every region of France (as well as Italy and Spain), it is deeply rooted in Bordeaux, Eric’s birthplace, and in the trade of Classified Growths.

  • Valerie McDaniel

    Valerie was born and raised near the coast and rolling hills of Southern California. After studying Culinary Arts, she became a Pastry Chef for 6 years and evolved her love of flavor, precision, and presentation into cultivating knowledge, experiences, and a deeper curiosity for the vast world of wine.