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Eric Dubourg


After working for several years in the fine wine retail industry in NYC, Eric learned about the import business while working for Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits USA and Boisset America. In 2004, he founded Wineberry America LLC, a New York-based importer and distributor of fine wines, selling to some of the most discerning clients in more than 10 states. While Wineberry imports fine wines from practically every region of France (as well as Italy, Spain & Argentina), it is deeply rooted in Bordeaux, Eric’s birthplace, and in the trade of Bordeaux’s classified growths. Eric Dubourg founded BurdiGala with Louis Kressmann in 2012.

Roxane Bouyssou


Roxane has always been guided by her thirst for traveling, learning about cultures other than her own, and also for her love and appreciation of wine. After earning her masters degree in International Business and amassing various experiences in Europe and the Middle East within the luxury goods industry, she decided to take on the challenge of making a place for herself in New York City to develop her passion for wine.

It is here, in New York, where she has now combined all her skills of past experiences to confidently take on the sales and event project manager position at Wineberry & Winevent.

Louisa Makouf


Originally from Provence in France, Louisa joined the Wineberry team in December 2015 after working the harvest at Château Mont Thabor, in Châteauneuf du Pape. Specializing in freight forwarding, she decided to apply her operational skills in the wine field, having become more passionate about wine following her experience in Rhône vineyards. She manages the day-to-day operations, and long term development projects for the company.

Yann Bouey


Born in Bordeaux and son of a family working in the wine business for generations, Yann has always been passionate about wine, furthering his studies with a Masters degree in International Management. His past experiences brought him to diverse cities including Paris, Singapore, Shanghai and now New York. He joined the Wineberry team in March 2017.