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Château Cheval Blanc | Pierre Lurton

Cheval Blanc is one of the very rare properties to stand on a single stretch in which the vine plots have remained unchanged since 1871, and the success of the wine is intimately linked to the upkeep of its genetic heritage. Over the last ten years or so, specific work has been carried out to provide the estate with its own plant material.

On the Cabernet Franc, a visual selection is carried out with the very old, highly resistant vines, some of which were planted in 1920 and are still producing to this day. They have all the qualities required to make a great wine: small, loose grapes with plenty of color, distributed harmoniously over the plant, with low production per vine. To preserve diversity without altering the quality of production, replanting is orchestrated at a very gradual pace, on hectare every three years, giving the soil time to rest. The resulting vines remain the guarantors of the Cheval Blanc identity and of its sublime terroir. In 1954, Cheval Blanc was awarded the rank of Premier Grand Cru Classé “A”, the supreme distinction. With each passing decade, this ranking has been confirmed.