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Château Margaux | Paul Pontallier

Since the 17th Century, the first wine of Château Margaux has been recognized as being one of the greatest wines in the entire world. It owes its unique qualities to the genius of its terroir as well as to the passionate work of a succession of generations. It’s a remarkable wine that comes from a combination of characteristics that are only rarely found: finesse, elegance, complexity, density, intensity, length and freshness. Although its tannic concentration may exceptional, it’s rare to detect astringency.

The great vintages are distinguished by their formidable ability to move us. The lesser vintages give pleasure to wise enthusiasts. They offer the advantage of evolving very rapidly and, reveal, after a few years, instead of power, this subtlety that is the prerogative of great terroirs.

Château Margaux has an extraordinary ability to evolve. Over the years, it has developed a finesse, an aromatic complexity and a remarkable presence on the plate.

In 1975, Paul Pontallier attended the Grignon National Agronomic Institute of Paris, before specializing in Wine Growing and Oenology at Montpellier. In 1978, he returned to Bordeaux – his home town – to study at the prestigious Talence Institute of Oenology. He prepared a thesis on the ageing conditions of red wine in barrels and he obtained his doctorate in 1981.

A few months later, Paul Pontallier left for Chile to complete his military service. He taught oenology for eighteen months at the Catholic University of Santiago. It was on his return to France, in 1983, that he joined Corinne Mentzelopoulo´s team. He was appointed Managing Director in 1990 when Philippe Barré retired.